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Friday, December 14, 2012

Special Friday Playlist - 12/14 - 2011 Revisited

All of this year end list making, has me mulling over and revisiting several albums that, in retrospect, were notably absent from my Best of 2011 list and probably deserved inclusion (not that I'd want to bump anything from the original list, which you can find here).  So I thought I'd devote today's playlist to songs from those albums. Hope you enjoy.

DPDC Friday Playlist - 12/14 - 2011 Revisited

Tracklist: (Album)
Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared (England Keep My Bones)
Centro-Matic - All the Talkers (Candidate Waltz)
John Moreland & The Dust Bowl Souls - Christmas Lights (Everything the Hard Way)
Fucked Up - Queen of Hearts (David Comes to Life)
Wild Flag - Future Crimes (S/T)
Arliss Nancy - Wrong or Right (Dance to Forget)
Lydia Loveless - More Like Them (Indestructible Machine)
The Holy Mess - Goodbye 3713 (S/T)
13 Ghosts - Gimme Back (Liar's Melody)
Joyce Manor - Constant Headache (S/T)
Nothington - Far to Go (Borrowed Time)
Young Statues - Bumble Bee (S/T)
Those Darlins - Be Your Bro (Screws Get Loose)
Samiam - 80 West (Trips)
The 65's - No One Cares About Your Tears (Strike Hard!)
Mount Moriah - Lament (S/T)

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