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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Favorite EPs/7"s of 2012

While I plan to post my "Best of 2012 Albums" list next week, listening to Joey Kneiser's EP over the past couple of days had me thinking of some of my other preferred shorter run stuff that doesn't qualify for full album status, and I thought I'd wet everyone's appetite for the full list (to the extent you had one) with that.

I've also included a playlist with a track from each.

DPDC Favorite EPs of 2012

In no particular order . . . (except I absolutely love the new Two Cow and Restorations 7"s, plus Moonlight for a Graveyard Heart).

Two Cow Garage - Geri/Shaking an Accent
Restorations - A/B
Joey Kneiser - Moonlight for the Graveyard Heart
State Lines - S/T
The District Attorneys -  Jr.
Tedo Stone - Happy EP
Dave Hause - EP Series (Pray for Tuscon, Heavy Heart, Time will Tell, Resolutions, C'mon Kid)
Rejectioneers - 25 EP
Through the Sparks - Alamalibu
Elway - Hence My Optimism
Real Friends - Everyone that Dragged you Here
Todd Farrell - Where Fake Cowboys Go to Drink
Prawn - Ships
Occult Detective Club - Alright Gentlemen
Denney and the Jets - S/T

Let me know what's missing, I'm sure there are several.

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