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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Playlist - 8/31

American Aquarium - Burn.Flicker.Die / Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless / Ha Ha Tonka - Close Every Valve to your Bleeding Heart / Lucero - Bikeriders / Make Do and Mend - Oak Square / Tigers Jaw - Crystal Vision / The District Attorneys - California Fire / I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House - Walkin' / Samiam - Capsized / Title Fight - Where am I? / The Hold Steady - Banging Camp / Banner Pilot - Saltash Luck / Trampled by Turtles - Wait So Long / Matt Mays - City of Lakes

DPDC Friday Playlist - 8/21

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

American Aquarium - Burn.Flicker.Die - Out today

Today is the official release date of American Aquarium's new (Jason Isbell produced) album Burn.Flicker.Die on Last Chance Records.

Assuming you are familiar with their sound, this album takes all of the impressive stuff they've done previously and somehow improves on it. That is to say it's really fucking good. If you haven't heard them, might as well start with this album and work your way back through the catalog.

Go here to buy Burn.Flickr.Die and their previous releases. Check out their tour dates too, live show is not to be missed. They'll be coming through DC on September 9 7th for a FREE show at Hill Country Live downtown.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Playlist - 8/24

Attack in Black - Broken Things / Richard Buckner - Believer / Constantines - Soon Enough / Nude Beach - Some Kinda Love / John Moreland & The Black Gold Band - Thought You Were Different / Superchunk - Seed Toss / Wood Ear - Leghold / Cheap Girls - Ft. Lauderdale / Blue Mountain - Let's Go Running / Dear Landlord - Park Bench / Matt Pryor - Polish the Broken Glass / Gameday Regulars - Hearts and Bones / The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain the Blood / Deer Tick - Mange

DPDC Friday Playlist - 8/24

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Davey Brown - Live EP

I got an email from Davey Brown introducing me to his live EP, and suggesting I give it a listen, since he perceived we have similar [good] taste.  Well I did, and if the stuff on this album is any indication, his assessment is pretty damn on. It also turns out he's from DC and the EP was tracked at Rock n' Roll Hotel.

It's fairly easy to rattle off references to the usual suspects of influences here; Lucero, DBT, outlaw country stuff, punk rock guys "gone country" like Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Jon Snodgrass etc. You'll notice that didn't dissuade me from doing so, and those comparisons are certainly relevant.

All of that said, if you are fond of any of the newer contingent of similarly inspired artists that often turn up on the site (Alone at 3am, Truckstop Darlin', Arliss Nancy, John Moreland etc.) you should check out Davey's EP and support the guy.

On initial listen I was particularly into "John Grady" and "The Whiskey Talkin" (the latter of which has a heavy 'mats influence and reminds me alot of The Evening Rig).

It's always a welcome occasion when I come across good DC stuff. So, here's to hoping more local acts send me their music.  I'm sadly somewhat out of touch with the city's 'scene' (cringe) these days, especially when you consider I have its moniker attached to the site name.

Listen to Davey Brown Live EP below . . .

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Playlist - 8/17

Nothington - The Ocean / Truckstop Darlin' - South Carolina / Chuck Ragan - Seems We're OK / Spider Bags - Friday Night / The Wild - Together Underground / Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Centreville / Wrinkle Neck Mules - Liza / The Living Daylights - Wasted on the Rain / My Morning Jacket - Outta My System / American Aquarium - Hurricane / Limbeck - The Sun Woke the Whole State / Austin Lucas - Life I've Got

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Playlist - 8/10

Follow the link or use the player below to listen . . .

The Holy Mess - A Song for Tim Browne to Sing / Gasoline Heart - Backbooth / 500 Miles to Memphis - Fireflies / Bangers - Every Night's a Date Night / Dinosaur Jr. - Watch the Corners / Through the Sparks - Angel Fix / Red City Radio - The Benefits of Motion / Sharon Van Etten - Serpents / Patty Hurst Shifter - For the Record / Hot Water Music - Freightliner / Dikembe - Apology not Fucking Accepted / Lauderdale - The Grant / Those Darlins - Screws Get Loose / Kasey Anderson - Sooner/Later / Delta Spirit - Tear It Up

DPDC Friday Playlist - 8/10

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tiny Engines Full Catalog on Bandcamp

Carolina based label Tiny Engines has aggregated its full collection of tremendous releases on a single bandcamp page.

You should go there, listen, and support this label and its bands. A lot of their stuff gets a lot of attention on this site for good reason. I'd particularly recommend Restorations, Red Collar, and Signals Midwest but it's all well worth your while.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Playlist - 8/3

Follow the link or use the player below to listen

Centro-Matic - Calling Thermatico / Downtown Struts - Postcards / Todd Snider - Play a Train Song / The Horrible Crowes - Behold the Hurricane / Restorations - Linear Notes / Shovels & Rope - O'Be Joyful / Blacklist Royals - Love in the Backseat / Grass Giraffes - Backstories / Glossary - Bend with the Breeze / The Whigs - Hot Bed / The Lillingtons - War of the Worlds / The Loved Ones - Pretty Good Year / Tedo Stone - Eastwood / Wess Floyd - Hot Headed Rebels / We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder and It's Lightning