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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Playlist - 3/22

Sundials - 710 / The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You / Rural Alberta Advantage - Muscle Relaxants / The Pollies - Rebel Man / Carpenter - Mean Things / Paul Westerberg - Don't Want Never / The Dexateens - FYFFE / Kid Dynamite - Bookworm / Blacklist Royals - Love in the Backseat / Constantines - On To You / Lucero - Last Night in Town / California X - Mummy / Dana Swimmer - Oh Sista Oh / Promise Ring - Is this Thing On? / Best Coast - Crazy for You / Some Dark Holler - Bar Tabs / Songs:Ohia - Blue Factory Flame

DPDC Friday Playlist - 3/22/13

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Playlist - 3/15

Kite Party - Runner / Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - Heavy Rolling Thunder / Pentimento - Unless / The Smith Street Band - Get High, See Mice / Cloud Nothings - No Sentiment / Joel Plaskett Emergency - Time Flies / Nothington - Far to Go / Joshua Black Wilkins - Outshined / Great Cynics - In the Valley / Off With Their Heads - Start Walking / Jawbox - Spit-Bite / Alone at 3am - Grown an Ocean / The Henry Clay People - Working Part Time / Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Centreville / Arms Aloft - Sawdust City Soundclash / Julie Doiron - So Fast

DPDC Friday Playlist 3/15/13

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bands I've Been Missing

It occurs to me that lately I've been listening to good amount of stuff from recently retired bands (either temporarily or permanently).  The following few, which to the best of my knowledge are either done for or on hiatus, really stand out.  At least they made it count while they were around, and thankfully I'm pretty sure all these guys are busy with other projects.




Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Playlist - 3/8

Jawbreaker - Seethruskin / Cory Branan - Hell-Bent and Heart-First / Mount Moriah - Bright Light / Red City Radio - Nathaniel Martinez / The Blacktop Cadence - Off Track / Teenage Kicks - Hearts of Darkness / Austin Lucas - Sleep Well / The Snips - Times / Gameday Regulars - Smoke Jumpers / Burning Airlines - Pacific 231 / Tigers Jaw - I Was Never Your Boyfriend / Centro-Matic - Monument Sails / Sundials - Completely Broken / The National - Abel / NQ Arbuckle - I Can See The Moon 

DPDC Friday Playlist 3/8/13

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mount Moriah - Miracle Temple - I Can't Put it Down

2013 has already been chockfull of fantastic full lengths and EPs (see Restorations, Dorado, El Cantador, California X, Broadway Calls, Waxahatchee, Water Liars, Gameday Regulars etc. etc.) but I can't say anything has really grabbed me thus far like Mount Moriah's 2nd LP Miracle Temple. 

I was certainly eagerly awaiting its February 26 release date after discovering and embracing their 2011 S/T debut far too late, but this thing has been even better than anticipated.  I rarely keep an album on repeatedly, but to say I've had this one in heavy rotation is a major understatement, it's even drawn some unique accompaniment from our 9 month old on multiple occassions.

I'll spare you an attempt at a drawn out description but there are range of well balanced influences going on here.  A country meets college/indie rock esque sound certainly is evidence of the band's roots and residence in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.  I'm continually impressed by bands from the "triangle" and their albums keep landing in my favorites lists (recently Red Collar/J Kutchma, American Aquarium, Wood Ear etc.).

To keep this post from being needlessly lengthy, point is, you should buy this album and their debut, and should do so very soon.

A couple of tracks from the new one, and my favorite off of Mount Moriah below.

Also the band's currently on tour and will be at DC9 on Wednesday March 27.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The New Lows - EP for free

Orlando based The New Lows are offering a free digital download, "The Free EP," that includes alternate versions of tracks off some of their earlier albums The Low Road and Atlantic/Pacific. 

I've featured them on a few playlists and hopefully these guys are already on your radar, but if you aren't familiar they're sort of jangly punky indie pop that I'd maybe try to pigeonhole as Cheap Girls meet Ladyhawk. My lackluster description aside, I recommend you give em a shot and head over to their bandcamp site to pick up the EP. While you're there grab the 2012 full length I Couldn't Sleep, which landed on a number of people's year end best lists for good reason.  The balance of their catalog is also available.

Finally on the off chance you happen to be in Orlando tonight, Wednesday March 5, The New Lows are playing with another stellar band, Old Flings, from Asheville, NC (RIYL 90's indie/alt rock, Samiam) at some place called Orlando Nights.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Playlist - 3/1

Elway - Spent So Long / Jenny Owens Young - Pirates / Polar Bear Club - Living Saints / Cymbals Eat Guitars - Keep Me Waiting / Gaslight Anthem - We Came to Dance / The Front Bottoms - Looking Like You Just Woke Up / Glocca Morra - Anniversary Song / Dexateens - Naked Ground / Slingshot Dakota - Gossip / El Cantador - My Way / Everyone Everywhere - Turn & GO & Turn / Campaign - Blue Pills and Whiskey / Wild Flag - Something Came Over Me / Title Fight - Stab / Futurebirds - Ski Chalet / AA Bondy - Killed Myself When I Was Young

DPDC Friday Playlist 3/1/13