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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The New Lows - EP for free

Orlando based The New Lows are offering a free digital download, "The Free EP," that includes alternate versions of tracks off some of their earlier albums The Low Road and Atlantic/Pacific. 

I've featured them on a few playlists and hopefully these guys are already on your radar, but if you aren't familiar they're sort of jangly punky indie pop that I'd maybe try to pigeonhole as Cheap Girls meet Ladyhawk. My lackluster description aside, I recommend you give em a shot and head over to their bandcamp site to pick up the EP. While you're there grab the 2012 full length I Couldn't Sleep, which landed on a number of people's year end best lists for good reason.  The balance of their catalog is also available.

Finally on the off chance you happen to be in Orlando tonight, Wednesday March 5, The New Lows are playing with another stellar band, Old Flings, from Asheville, NC (RIYL 90's indie/alt rock, Samiam) at some place called Orlando Nights.

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