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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Playlist - 4/20 - is back

Hoping to start posting these weekly again. Spared ya'll a theme this time, just some good stuff i've been listening to this week. Follow the link . .


Frank Turner - I am Disappeared
The Arrivals - Simple Pleasures in America
American Aquarium - Good Fight
Cory Branan - Prettiest Waitress in Memphis 
Joey Kneiser - Bruised Ribs
Arcade Fire - City with No Children
Cloud Nothings - Fall In
Alone at 3am - Mexico
Banner Pilot - Greenwood
Band of Horses - Weed Party
The Weight - Sanchez
Ben Nichols - The Kid
Smoke or Fire - Sleepwalking
Dr. Dog - Shadow People
Two Cow Garage (Micah Schabel) - Jackson, Don't You Worry 

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