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Friday, April 6, 2012

5 "Desert Island" Albums

For the hell of it my brother and I are working on compiling lists of favorite albums released within our respective lifetimes. Basically those that were most important to us or that we just love the most. Plan to post them sometime mid-month.

Curiosity fueled by that super productive exercise, coupled with this post I noticed over on Ninebullets the other day, has me wondering which albums are most significant to those who might happen to visit the site.

So, if you can pin down the 5 albums you'd hang on to, if you had to forego all others, let us know what they are. Maybe limit to one per artist for the sake of variety.

1 comment:

  1. wish i would have seen this earlier!

    embrace - s/t
    the single most important album i own. a soundrack to change your life by.

    jawbreaker - 24hr revenge therapy
    in my opinion the last great work they had before blake became too self absorbed and "sold out" lol

    minor threat - out of step
    nothing really needs to be said here

    hot water music - forever and counting
    so many good records but this one has somewhat of a different sound than the others

    fucked up - david comes to life
    yeah it's a 2011 record, but it's so unique in it's composition. I've heard nothing like it before.

    Hard to limit it to 5 but these are the first ones that come to my head at the moment.