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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alone at 3am - Midwest Mess - 5/8 Release

Suburban Home is at it again, adding another great band to its already stellar roster, with the upcoming release of Alone at 3am's "Midwest Mess."  The album is scheduled to come out on May 8, although it appears you can already download it at their bandcamp page here

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this band's first two releases, "City out of Luck" (2008) and "Cut Your Gills" (2010), in September of last year,  and I've been anticipating this release since I read they'd joined Suburban Home and were in the studio.  This month I was fortunate to get an advance listen of "Midwest Mess" and it does not disappoint.

It's somewhat apropos that guitarist/vocalist Max Fender laments on their track Burn the Town, "all the good songs have been sung, all the youth has been wasted on the young," since while maybe Alone at 3am doesn't "sing" the most original songs, they do write damn good ones, that you should be listening to.

I still maintain, as I wrote in a previous post, that to me they sound like a cross between TMFW/Nobody's Darlings era Lucero and a rootsed-up (if that's a term) Hot Water Music (particularly in the rhythm section). I think I'd now say I also hear splashes of Glossary and Limbeck type sound in there. All of these are of course good things.

"Midwest Mess" definitely has my endorsement, and I'd recommend their other albums as well.

You can listen to "Weekends at the Cape" from the album below

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