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Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Lucero - Women & Work

As you may have gathered, Lucero has long held 'favorite band' status for me. So, it feels a bit odd to be critical of anything they release. That said, upon initial listens, the new album out this week, Woman & Work, is kinda hit & miss for me. It certainly continues along the path they started down with Overton Park (and exhibits an even happier/cheerier/poppier disposition), and it's hard to knock them for any direction they choose, but it does make me a bit nostalgic for what i'll selfishly deem classic Lucero. Anyway, I'll let you judge for yourself. There are certainly still some new Lucero classics on it.

You can listen to a stream of the new album here.

Also, in my fit of nostalgia i've compiled a best of Lucero spotify playlist of sorts, with a collection of my favorites, though i found it hard not to add nearly everything in the back catalog. If you have an account just follow the link.

"Best of" Lucero Playlist

Still super excited as always about seeing them at 9:30 club in April.

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