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Friday, February 26, 2016

Bonus Playlist - Breakin' Even Fest

So, Steven Rovery and Bryan Flowers of American Television have pulled together quite the show, or set of shows really, for those of us here in DC, in the form of Breakin' Even Fest, the inaugural occurrence of which happens next weekend at Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe in Adams Morgan.

Headliners include Iron Chic, Timeshares and Slingshot Dakota and in addition to their band, the lineup is rounded out by Loud Boyz, Lilac Daze, The Rememberables, Brick Top, Curse Words, Collider, Oklahoma Car Crash, The Mauls, and Railsplitter.

The two nights will play out as follows:
March 4
Loud Boyz
Lilac Daze
Curse Words
The Mauls

March 5 
Iron Chic
Slingshot Dakota
The Rememberables
American Television
Brick Top
Oklahoma Car Crash

Tickets are $12 for day one, $22 for day two, or $27.50 for both and can be purchased here

There is some serious hard work and sincere ethic behind this thing, so get out and support it. Certainly not much to ask given the gift of a lineup they're providing.

Since getting playlists up has been a challenge as of late, figured I could offer a supplemental one this week as sort of a gesture to make up for all of those missed weeks and as a nod to Breakin' Even Fest


Unfortunately Rememberables and Collider aren't on Spotify but follow the links to their bandcamp sites.

happy weekending

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