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Monday, December 22, 2014

Guest List: Best of 2014 - Scotty & Jonathan of Death to False Hope Records

It's my hope that you've been paying attention to Death to False Hope Records output for years, particularly since Scotty Sandwich and Jonathan Minor started it around this time 6 of them ago.  If you haven't you'd likely be interested to know they've been the source of initial introductions to tons of bands you surely love today, including but certainly not limited to Captain We're Sinking, Arliss Nancy, Old Flings, The Sky We Scrape, Worship This!, Civil War Rust, and Masked Intruder. DTFH is also responsible for releases from some excellent bands that might be new to you, Sad & French, Downbound City, Habits, Westward Spirit etc. All this explanation is a way of saying the label and its site are probably home to your next favorite band.

Find it all here.

If all that wasn't enough nowadays each year brings us a DTFH Fest at Motorco in Durham, NC. Typically first weekend in May, a destination festival that's becoming an annual staple for some and even beginning to take precedent over certain other mainstays. Since we're on a list theme, here's a rundown of who played last year.

A Bottle Volcanic / Almost People / Appalucia / American Television /Among Giants / Arliss Nancy / Ascetic Parade / Banquets / Bats & Mice / Brian McGee(of Plow United/Molly and the Zombies) / / Beasts of No Nation / Bside Project / CAMPAIGN / Captain,We're Sinking / Dollar Signs / EYES & TEETH / Gameday Regulars / Gunner's Daughter / HABITS / Invaluable / Late Bloomer / Museum Mouth / Nightmares For A Week / Old Flings / Sad and French / The Sky We Scrape / Unifier / The Westward Spirit / wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves / Worship This! / Wringer

Also, need to mention their bands.
Scotty plays in Almost People, Jonathan in Ringwald.

On to the lists. Thanks to both for agreeing to contribute. Please check out everything they're doing.

Scotty Sandwich(DTFH Records/ DTFH Fest, Almost People)
Best of 2014

Top 10 Albums
10. Holy Mess - Comfort in the Dischord
09. The Rentals - Lost In Alphaville
08. Late Bloomer - Things Change
07. Chumped - Teenage Retirement
06. Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
05. The Record Collection - The Record Collection
04. Sad And French - Sad and French
03. The Menzingers - Rented World
02. ExFriends - Rules For Making Up Words
01. Bruce Lee Band - Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend

Top 10 EPs
10. Murder City Devils - The White Ghost Has Blood On It's Hands Again
09. Static Is A City - Static Is a City
08. Apologies, I Have None - Black Everything
07. Beach Slang - Filthy Luck
06. Future Primitive - FP14
05. Great Apes - Playland at the Beach
04. Plow United - Delco
03. ExFriends - Animal Needs
02. Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves - Scorched Earth
01. Westward Spirit - Chemical Imbalance 

Jonathan Minor (Death to False Hope Records / Ringwald)
Best of 2014
So here are my top 20 favorite new releases and my favorite song for each.
Only kind of in order. Braid and Shellac win this year for me though.

1. Braid - No Coast
Braid - "Damages":http://youtu.be/FYQr77qdwqQ
2. Shellac - Dude, Incredible!
Shellac - "All The Surveyors":http://youtu.be/NK0kxtOajVA
3. Late Bloomer - Things Change
Late Bloomer - "Dr. Abernathy":http://youtu.be/z2MxivNcv7c
4. Rx Bandits - Gemini, Her Majesty
RX Bandits - "Stargazer":http://youtu.be/Sss0b00lEu8
5. Prawn - Kingfisher
Prawn - "First As Tragedy, Second As Farce": http://youtu.be/Itqzr77-xnY
6. Dikembe - Mediumship
Dikembe - "Snakes In My Path":http://youtu.be/AcK0zdC9lmU
7. Burners - Adults
Buenters - "Closed Eyes":http://moneypitmedia.bandcamp.com/track/closed-eyes
8. Tigers Jaw - Charmer
Tigers Jaw - "Slow Come On":http://youtu.be/riGw7erGQH0
9. Enjoyment Records - I Guess This Is Growing Up Vol. 1
Tir Asleen - "Wendy Clear":http://youtu.be/Hrah2FSttq8
10. Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Weezer - "Da Vinci":http://youtu.be/sO3ulKpe9TY
11. The Jazz June - After the Earthquake
"It Came Back" by The Jazz June:http://youtu.be/d_lufZKvJtM
12. Sage Francis - Copper Gone
Sage Francis - "VONNEGUT BUSY" lyric video: http://youtu.be/-utMO586HCg
13. Cayetana - Nervous Like Me
Cayetana - "Dirty Laundry":http://youtu.be/z0DKtKTQaL0
14. Rubrics - What Is The World Without Rubble?
Rubrics - "How Soon Not Now Becomes Never":http://youtu.be/ZV35RSkqtuM
15. Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You
Pianos Become The Teeth - "Repine":http://youtu.be/47M6dAUK6Sk
16. Bruce Lee Band - Everything Will Be Alright My Friend
Bruce Lee Band - "Be Alright":http://youtu.be/EdIpYNjGEeo
17. Cory Branan - The No-Hit Wonder
Cory Branan - "The Only You":http://youtu.be/XOJvvz_goVw
18. Tiny Empires - Weird Headspace
Tiny Empires - "Wide Open Spaces":http://youtu.be/GtKQpJ-euDw
19. Bodyfather / Mtn Isl - Split
Bodyfather - "Gonner"
20. Fellow Project - Basic Axemanship
Fellow Project - "Tugboat"

All in all it was a great year for music. There's so much to catch up on too. In reality I listened to "Chase This Light" by Jimmy Eat World more than anything else though. Most anticipated for next year are Sleater Kinney, Descendents, and Ghostface Killah / MF Doom! That's all I got!

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