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Friday, December 19, 2014

Guest List: Best of 2014 - Jason and Ryan of The Sky We Scrape

Last year Chicago's The Sky We Scrape put out an LP, Divides, that registered in my "best of" list (you can currently name your price for it over at their bandcamp page) and played a show, with Arliss Nancy, at Sidebar in Baltimore that may’ve been my favorite of the year.

They’re at it again in 2014 with a new EP, Broken Laddersout on Underground Communique records. Jason also has a solo release available under the Model Homes moniker (with an Arliss Nancy cover no less) that you can find here.

Thankfully, Jason and Ryan agreed to share their favorite albums of 2014 here. (Note: you may’ve also seen Jason’s appear on the excellent Punktastic site this week).
2014 Top 10 List // Jason S. Thompson from The Sky We Scrape / Model Homes

1. David Bazan and Passenget String Quartet - "Volume 1"
2. Restorations - "LP3"
3. I Am The Avalanche - "Wolverines"
4. PUP - "PUP"
5. Against Me! - "Transgender Dysphoria Blues"
6. Typesetter - "Wilds End"
7. Cut Teeth - "Night Years"
8. Masked Intruder - "M.I."
9. Aspiga - "What Happened To You?"
10. Owl John - "Owl John" 
10.5. The Felix Culpa - "Split with Foreign Tongues" (didn't *really* make it because it's only 2 songs by Culpa... but holy poopers those two tracks are insane)

Top 10 of 2014 list // Ryan Steele from The Sky We Scrape

1. Restorations - LP3
2. Against Me - transgender dysphoria Blues
3. Pup - s/t
4. Pianos become the teeth - Keep You
5. Beach Slang - who would ever want anything so broken *(I know it's an EP, but I always listen to it twice so deal with it)
6. You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You're Doing
7. Lawrence Arms - Metropole
8. The Hotelier - home like no place is there
9. Diarrhea Planet - Aliens in the outfield *(See above Beach Slang note)
10. Chumped - Teenage Retirement
Honorable  mentions:
I Am The Avalanche -  Wolverines
Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music
Typesetter - Wild's End
RVIVR - Bicker and Breathe EP 

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