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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Take on 2013 so far . . .

You might've noticed that I failed to post a "Quarterly Report" on the first three months of this year, akin to those I put up last year covering the better album releases, and I'm still on the fence about whether or not I'll compile something at month's end. Maybe I've been in a weird mood or haven't been paying close enough attention, but frankly I think it's because, while there have obviously been a bunch of very good albums released this year, nothing's really grabbed my attention to the extent many early 2012 releases did (that and i'm  pretty busy with life's usual responsibilities, and maybe a bit lazy outside of them).
The two major standout exceptions to me being, Mount Moriah - Miracle Temple and Restorations LP2 (oh and Break Ups - It's Complicated plus Gameday Regulars - Nobody Likes a Quitter on the EP front).

Well I think this week my attitude and perspective on the year is starting to shift.  Yesterday saw the release of three albums that will almost certainly end up in my 'Best of 2013' list, John Moreland's In the Throes Jason Isbell's Southeastern and JKutchma's Sundown U.S.A., and today I learned that the new Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners is tracked. So in this renewed spirit I just want to run through a list of some of my other favorites of the year, that I've sold short by not mentioning to date.

In no particular order (maybe very roughly chronological).

The Bootheel - Goat's Lodge
Broadway Calls - Comfort, Distraction
Dorado - Anger Hunger Love and Fear of Death
RVIVR -  The Beauty Between
Sam Russo - Storm
Off With Their Heads - Home
Captain, We're Sinking - The Future is Cancelled
The Bronx - The Bronx IV
California X - California X
the bear - Overseas then Under
Alkaline Trio - My Shame is True
Gateway District - Old Wild Hearts
Nightmares for a Week - Civilian War
Laura Stevenson - Wheel
Pentimento - S/T
Plow United - Marching Band
El Cantador - Translation Wave
The Sky We Scrape - Divides
Banquets - S/T
Kurt Vile - Walkin on a Pretty Daze
Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart
The Wild - Dreams are Maps
Worship This! - Tomorrow I'll Miss You
Little Big League - These are Good People
State Lines - For the Boats
Tim Vantol - If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!
Big Eyes - Almost Famous
National - Trouble Will Find Me
Jimmy Islip - The Wild West Riding
Portugal, The Man - Evil Friends
Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me

Guess it's quite the list after all (still let me know what i'm missing).  Plus we can less than patiently look forward to upcoming stuff from Lemuria, Elway, Superchunk, Arliss Nancy (as mentioned), Two Cow Garage, Red City Radio, Austin Lucas, Flatliners, 500 Miles to Memphis, Neko Case etc etc etc.

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