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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bandcamp Roundup 9/25

In the past year or two, I've stumbled across plenty of great bands, either directly through, or via reference to their bandcamp pages, and alot of times I haven't had an occasion to feature them on a Friday Playlist because of my heavy reliance on Spotify.  Accordingly I thought I'd start profiling a few of these bands/albums every so often. If I had the luxury of more time or was more dedicated I'd do a write up for each, but this approach will have to do for now.

From my perspective (which is hopefully not misinformed) Bandcamp is a really nice platform for both artists to promote and sell their stuff (at prices they set), while owing a relatively small cut to the site, and fans to discover new music and buy it from bands they're already aware of.

Some of these albums are recent releases, some are older, just click through the tracks to hear them all.

Adam Hill - Discount Spirits
RIYL: Twangy Paul Westerberg, Exile or Let It Bleed Era Stones, Marah

Brandon Butler (ex Boy's Life, Canyon) - Helo 
RIYL: Tom Petty, Have Gun Will Travel, Limbeck

White Lung - Sorry
RIYL: Riot Grrl Stuff, Cloud Nothings, Dum Dum Girls, 80's hardcore

Typefighter - Fall Winter Fall
RIYL: Fake Problems, Tiny Engines Bands

Fistful of Beard - S/T
RIYL: Tim Barry, Cory Branan

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