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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Davey Brown - Live EP

I got an email from Davey Brown introducing me to his live EP, and suggesting I give it a listen, since he perceived we have similar [good] taste.  Well I did, and if the stuff on this album is any indication, his assessment is pretty damn on. It also turns out he's from DC and the EP was tracked at Rock n' Roll Hotel.

It's fairly easy to rattle off references to the usual suspects of influences here; Lucero, DBT, outlaw country stuff, punk rock guys "gone country" like Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Jon Snodgrass etc. You'll notice that didn't dissuade me from doing so, and those comparisons are certainly relevant.

All of that said, if you are fond of any of the newer contingent of similarly inspired artists that often turn up on the site (Alone at 3am, Truckstop Darlin', Arliss Nancy, John Moreland etc.) you should check out Davey's EP and support the guy.

On initial listen I was particularly into "John Grady" and "The Whiskey Talkin" (the latter of which has a heavy 'mats influence and reminds me alot of The Evening Rig).

It's always a welcome occasion when I come across good DC stuff. So, here's to hoping more local acts send me their music.  I'm sadly somewhat out of touch with the city's 'scene' (cringe) these days, especially when you consider I have its moniker attached to the site name.

Listen to Davey Brown Live EP below . . .

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