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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Evening Rig - Kickstarter campaign for new album "Nothin to hear here"

If you've previously visited this site, you know I'm a big fan of Minneapolis's The Evening Rig. Well after a several year hiatus it appears they're ready to release a new album "Nothin' to Hear Here," and in order to do so they could use our help.

They've set up a kickstarter site where you can pledge your support/funds, and they're offering some pretty good stuff in return (in addition to what's sure to be a fantastic album).

Check out the video (including a track from the album) and letter from the band below, and follow the link to contribute.

Evening Rig - Kickstarter

Anyone who's asked us about new music over the past few years has heard the same three words in response: "Any day now..." Well friends, Any day actually IS now. After four years, we're finally ready to release our new record Nothin' to Hear Here and we want you to be part of it.

Right now records are being pressed, CDs are being burned and tracks are being uploaded. This, along with the expensive process of recording and mastering, costs a decent chunk of money. That's where you come in.

We're going into full-on pledge drive mode, like MPR or PBS, but we're offering Rock and Roll, not A Prairie Home Companion or Masterpiece Theatre, however awesome those both may be.

Just want to pitch in? Hit us with a High-Five Dollars and feel free to redeem it whenever you see us. We won't leave you hanging.

Want us to drive to your hometown and rock out in true garage band style? Drop $2.5k and we'll pack up the truck, hit the road and shake that structure so hard your neighbors will either celebrate you as a hero or not talk to you for weeks. Either way, you win.

Looking for something tangible in between? We've got stuff there too. New albums, old Albums, T-shirts, personalized songs... there's something for everyone.
We're really excited for you guys to finally hear what we've spent the last few years working on. We think you're going to like it, we know we do.

Your Friends in Rock,
The Evening Rig

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