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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New to Me - Wess Floyd - 'Foxhole Confessions'

I was just introduced to the music of Wess Floyd this week, and have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself for not discovering him sooner.

Originally from Dothan (I believe) in south Alabama, Floyd has ended up in Nashville, by way of Auburn, and his most recent album "Foxhole Confessions," which came out late last year, is full of impressive rock n roll songs that unabashedly draw inspiration from, and pay homage to, his hometown(s).

There's clearly more than a hint of Replacements and Springsteen influence here and many of his songs have an anthemic quality, full of "whoa whoa" type choruses that evoke a more southern Craig Finn and Hold Steady.

Also, if you've heard The Evening Rig, there are definitely some parallels that could be drawn.

You can preview and pick up "Foxhole Confessions" and his earlier release "The Daisycutters EP" here, and I'd recommend you do so.

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