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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Banner Pilot Coming Soon

Banner Pilot has completed recording their 3rd full length album, and it's now being mixed and mastered, No release date yet, but will keep you posted and will be released October 25.

One of my favorite newer punk bands (you may have guessed from previous posts)and highly recommended if you like melodic poppier stuff that still has some punch and edge.

Their tongue in cheek self description of the band's sound as akin to “if Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, and [early] Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won… but just barely,” is actually a pretty apt one. Dillinger Four should also probably be in that mix.

If you are at all into any variety of punk music, and somehow are unfamiliar with Banner Pilot, I suggest you take a listen to either of their previous full-lengths or their debut EP (in reverse chronology below).

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