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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Introductory Post & Playlist

As someone pre-disposed to spend(probably too) much of my limited free time exploring and investing in the music i love, and 'advising' friends and family on what they might want to listen to, it has been suggested, and i've considered, that I try my hand at "blogging" about it.

Since i don't fancy myself a 'blogger' much less a writer or critic, i'll keep most posts relatively concise and to the point, in hopes of providing a quick reference to the world of compelling indie, punk, folk, 'alt'country, rock etc. music out there (or at least what i consider my world of it).

I'll generally leave it to others who are more articulate or 'professional' to delve into details, but will try to keep the site updated with news, info, and recommendations on artists, albums, shows etc.

To conclude my first post, and as a brief introduction to some of what you'll see on the site, a few opening songs off some excellent albums.

Also, see the link on the right to the Songza streaming radio station for a more comprehensive listen.

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